Becoming a Photographer

I have always loved pictures… I used to hide my photo collections when I was younger so they could never be stolen.  Then one day I couldn’t find a collection , I’d buried it away and in a moment all those memories were gone… I never hid them again.

I like to read books but it’s the images that capture my attention. I’m passionate about lifestyle magazines and love to relax with them all around me.  I love art galleries too with my favourite being the French impressionists…

How funny that a year long trip to Aix en Provence with my family, a few years ago, inspired me to write a travel blog on that experience . Travel has always been my passion but out of the year in Provence came a love of photography and on my return to London I studied it. I’m so glad I did!   In an earlier life I worked in luxury hotels as a Sales and Guest Relations Director in Canada, London and Ibiza, and later, moved across into recruitment in London for a further ten years.  By my mid thirties I’d come to the end of those paths and chose to stay home when my daughters came along ; it was a good choice for a few years for our family.

The desire to develop professionally in a new direction slowly crept into my head over a number of years so our big decision to up sticks and just try something different in France  gave me a new momentum.  It changed many things.   We thought about staying there because it’s a mind-blowingly beautiful place but a year was enough for us all and I’m so glad most of my amateur pictures are on the blog so I definitely can’t loose them… Phew!!!!!

It’s hard to decide on a specialism in photography as there are boundless things to photograph and I love all travel/lifestyle genres but it’s the portraiture with little ones that I’m particularly drawn to…children are so natural and I adore following them around and capturing their emotions.   I’m a big kid myself after all!  The special journey of motherhood through pregnancy and birth are something I find a real joy: this stage of my life was certainly my greatest joy… this is the area I am currently working most in.  I also photograph is the areas of personal branding/headshots & events.

When I completed my photography study I grabbed so many mini photo shoots of my girls but now it’s getting harder as they are growing and turning into teenagers that don’t want to be photographed by mum.  It’s just not cool.  I still manage to persuade them though from time to time to be my model…. and those pictures are treasured even more because soon they will be out in the world following their own lives.

I live in London with my husband, two children and Flora the little white fluffy dog.  I’m also lucky to have two wonderful step-children who are grown.

My photography is natural and stylish.  I normally photograph outdoors whatever the weather but can come to your house too.  A photo shoot with me is not timed,  there is no rush and  I’ll come back if a child or baby is not enjoying themselves on that particular day.  I’m happy to travel.